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Ancestral Skincare

Fierce Nature was born out of my deep love and respect for the power of nature. It has been a long standing passion of mine to create a range of non-toxic, tallow based skincare. I grew up in South Africa with mainstream cosmetics, shaving gels, hair removal creams and lipsticks. As a young teenage girl, I always battled with skin rashes and reactions. I could never understand why. In the last decade, my work has led me to understand the power of gut health and the negative impact of toxic load on our bodies from birth. I have come to realise the promises made to us by beauty products are all a lie. We are using harsh chemicals disguised in seductive packaging, accompanied by endless promises to change our lives. Our products are all handmade and crafted in the UK using premium and naturally sourced ingredients, with pure organic tallow as the foundation. Tallow’s bioavailability makes it a deep penetrating skin food. Tallow has been used for centuries in soap making and as a skin emollient to make your skin smoother, richer and well nourished. Fierce Nature understands we grew from the land and looks here for nourishment and inspiration.

Catherine Farrant, Founder.

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