How do I use Tallow balm?

Tallow is truly an all over balm and works wonder anywhere on the body. Our balms and sticks are toxin free, deeply nourishing and good enough to eat so lather yourself in love. Your skin will thank you.


The balm is sometimes harder than usual?

Our products are handmade on the Fierce farm in Somerset, England. Tallow is natural and can harden in cooler temperatures and get softer and more creamy when warmer. If your balm feels hard, rub it in your hands and it will melt into your skin s usual.


My contour stick won’t push up?

As above, when your contour stick is too cold, the tallow will harden. In cooler weather you may have to warm your stick a little to push it up. Try holding it in the palm of your hands for a couple of minutes and the tube should glide easily. 


Can I use my contour stick as a lip balm?

Absolutely! You can use it as a moisture stick on lips, cheeks, knees, elbows, and tops of hands. This little stick should be kept in your bag at all times. The natural contour stick is excellent for children too.


Is Mica a natural mineral?

Mica is a natural mineral that forms beautiful and natural shimmering pigments to colour our contour sticks. It is naturally occurring from the mineral silicate. It is a natural and non-toxic mineral.


Can I use the Nourish Balm on babies?

 Absolutely. It is nourishing for babies skin, including nappy rash and eczema prone skin. It also works wonders on dry patches, feeding your child’s skin without any toxic load.


Can I use Tallow Soap on my face?

Our Tallow soap is a true wonder bar. Is it gentle and moisturising so wont dry out skin but is soft enough to cleanse your skin and also removes makeup! 


Are your products cruelty free?

 Yes, none of our products are ever tested on animals and why would they need to be as they are 100% natural. We do use beef fat which is an animal by product but we believe that to respect nature and the cycle of life, is to eat and use nose to tail. We use tallow from our sister brand @ossaorganic and our tallow comes from small batches of well cared for and happy cows. The cows are not exposed to antibiotics or hormones and are grass fed. The tallow we use is 100% soil association certified organic.


My skin is reacting differently, why?

If you are transitioning from commercial products, deodorants an toothpaste to more natural alternatives, your body will naturally begin to detox. Your toxic load will reduce and in order to detox you may experience outbreaks or other symptoms. Look at your body as a whole and make slow but sure changes. Remember your diet, your sleep and your hormones (balanced or not) will also play a vital role in your toxic load as you make more healthy changes.


Do you products contain preservatives or stabilisers?