If you're on the lookout for a non-toxic solution to greasy hair, look no further! Join us as we unveil the wonders of dry shampoo, a true hero in hair care, and take a peek behind the curtain at our very own dry shampoo crafted with the magic of Arrowroot and Kaolin. This versatile gem does more than just absorb oil and add volume—it's a game-changer for your hair without a single drop of water.


Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo, the multitasking maestro, is your go-to product for absorbing excess oil, banishing odors, and injecting volume into your hair. Whether in the form of sprays, powders, or foams, its versatility knows no bounds. But what's the secret behind its spell?

Oil Absorption

At the heart of dry shampoo lies an absorbent agent—typically starch or clay. Picture this: these hydrophobic champs (they repel water) have a magnetic attraction to oil. When applied, they swoop in, absorb excess oil, and voilà, your hair is reborn, free from that weighed-down feeling.

Eliminating Odors

Ever wondered how your hair stays fresh all day? Fragrances in dry shampoo play a part in neutralizing odors. The result? Your hair not only looks fresh, but smells fresh too!

Volume Boost

Beyond banishing oil and odors, dry shampoo plays hairstylist by adding volume. Those absorbent agents create space between your strands, giving the illusion of fuller, bouncier hair. Think of it as a mini hair lift right from the can!


Mastering the Art of Dry Shampoo

To make the most of our dry shampoo alchemy, follow these steps:

  1. Section Your Hair: Ensure each strand gets its fair share.
  2. Apply Sparingly: A little goes a long way. Start small and focus on those roots.
  3. Massage In: Treat your scalp to a gentle massage, activating the oil-absorbing powers.
  4. Brush or Comb: After a brief wait, brush or comb to distribute the dry shampoo evenly.
  5. Style as Desired: Style away!


Fierce Nature Dry Shampoo

Our dry shampoo is your hair's best friend, ready to absorb excess oil, get rid of odors, and add volume.  

Oil Absorption with Arrowroot and Kaolin

At the core of our dry shampoo lies an absorbent duo—Arrowroot and Kaolin (white clay). Both are organic and naturally absorbent loose powder to make your hair look and feel clean and fresh without washing.  

Benefits Beyond the Ordinary

Our dry shampoo isn't just science; it's a multi-faceted gem:

  1. Time-Saver: Quick fixes for greasy hair on the busiest days.
  2. Hair Health: Less traditional shampooing keeps your hair's natural oils intact.
  3. Travel Companion: A must-have for jet-setters, especially in shower-scarce corners.
  4. Eco-Friendly: Less water, fewer products—it's our commitment to the environment.
  5. Multi-use: Our dry shampoo can also be used as a setting powder for your makeup!

Choosing Non-Toxic Dry Shampoo

Not all dry shampoos are equal. Our crafted blend is sulfate-free, paraben-free, and all natural. Experience the magic firsthand and embrace a world of fresh, voluminous hair with our Arrowroot and Kaolin Dry Shampoo!

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