As a society we are always looking to the future for innovation, with technological advancement as the primary means. At the same time we are seeing the effect these ‘advancements’ are having on our health and wellbeing due to the increase of toxic-load . This has led to a new movement the ancestral revolution, where we begin to look inward back to the generations that came before us who looked to nature first as a means of nourishing ourselves and optimising our wellness.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body with one of its main functions being to protect the body from bacteria and chemicals, so why do we insist on lathering ourselves in harsh chemicals and toxins with our skincare routine?

Ancestral skincare means making a conscious effort to make small and consistent changes to feed your skin with natural balms and emollients, to reduce parabens, toxins and sulfates in your products and to reassess your beauty routine.

How about skincare products that are good enough to eat?

Here is a quick points to get you started on your journey back to ancestral skincare:

• Ditch fluoride in your toothpaste. Make an effort to shop online and buy toothpaste that is free from fluoride.
• Use organic shampoo and conditioner without SLS, parabens and sulfates.
• Rinse your hair once a month with apple cider vinegar.
• Change to an organic mascara, most high street mascaras have BPA in them. Any organic brand would be a good change.
• Use natural soap like our 100% tallow soap which has been hand made by woman around fireplaces making lye from ash and hand rendering tallow.
• Use tallow balm for your skin and children’s skin.
• Use mica (natural mineral from the earth) for pigment and bronzers like our contour sticks in pearl and bronze. This is a mineral.
• Change from toxic commercial sun creams to zinc based sun protection or go out into the sun at optimal times for maximum Vitamin D absorption.

At Fierce Nature we are bringing Ancestral Skincare back to you.  Our products are hand rendered and hand blended in an ancient tradition that's so powerful but lost in today’s manufacturing processes. Ours is a long and loving process that is a mixture of science and art.
Start on your journey back to Ancestral Skincare today and change it for the next generation.

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