It is no surprise that winter is a harsh season for skin and for many people the colder weather can lead to flare ups of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  That’s why these colder and darker months are such a pivotal time for us to look inward and make more of an effort to nourish yourself, your body and your skin.
Here are 4 winter hacks to show self-care and give your skin a Fierce Nature boost this winter season:
Literally and figuratively winter is when we shed our old skin from the past year, we renew and nourish and get ready to emerge in spring for a new cycle and a new year. Dry brushing is a powerful technique that stimulates circulation, moves lymph and renews cells by scrubbing dead skin cells and promoting new skin cell growth.
We are big believers in water having the power to hold energy, so make sure you have access to fresh running water and filter it wherever possible. This rids your water of chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals added to chemically treated water today. Skin hydration and freshness comes from the inside so if your skin is pulling tight or your face feels drawn in the mornings, you need to hydrate. Water is also vitally important for many functions in the body to work so grab a glass of water every time you think about it.
Please don’t mistake herbal tea for water. Teas can be diuretic so they flush the body of water instead of allowing it to hold onto water where and when needed.
It is really important to moisturise your body.  Why would you put anything on your skin that you couldn’t eat?
Your skin is your largest organ and therefore demands the most attention. At fierce nature we believe that it is counter intuitive to add chemicals, harsh alcohols and drying emollients to your skin. That's why our nourishing body balms are made full of natural vitamins including A,D,E and K.
The balm acts as a food for your skin as it bares up against the harsh and cold winter months. Make a beautiful ritual out of lathering your skin head to toe and our organic body butter every day.
Did you know that 30 minutes in a warm to hot bath with two cups of Epsom salts provides the body with enough magnesium to help it sleep and recover better through the night.
Magnesium is a highly underrated mineral.  It is also a skin food that also softens hair and is very detoxing on the body.
So if you do nothing else this winter give yourself the gift of a long and relaxing Epsom salt bath your skin will thank you
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    Fierce Nature

    Hi Jo, we like to use our Fierce Nature Vanilla Balm.

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    Hi what balm to use with the cups please advise, thanks

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