We are here to teach you about tradition, not trend. Tallow skin care and clean beauty have been used by men and women for millennia. The disruption of our hormones from toxic load and chemicals in our drinking water, beauty products and skin care creams is a modern day problem.

The UK has recently mandated the addition of fluoride to our drinking water. Fluoride is in fact a by-product of the fertiliser industry (source: Dr Jenny Goodman).

At Fierce Nature, we are uncovering it all for you. Reminding you that your body keeps the score and it is time for you to rewind and unravel what you think you know about skin.

The make up of tallow is in fact the blueprint for any emollient today except it is natural, bioavailable and toxin free.

You will know when you try it, tallow melts into the skin like it was made for it. And in turn, the skin drinks in the Vitamins A,D,E and K from the tallow like the body is nourished from food.


What is tallow?

Tallow is rendered beef fat

Tallow sourced from grass fed and organic cows has the highest vitamin content which is why we have partnered with Ossa Organic to source the highest quality tallow in the UK.


What does tallow do for my body, face and skin?

Fat contains a powerful profile of vitamins that helps our skin replenish as we naturally age. We don’t believe in age or gravity defying products. If something is too good to be true, it often is!

At Fierce Nature we celebrate cycles, rhythms and nature and believe in the natural beauty of ageing. 

Our skin is our largest organ but is also a wise and balanced system. Tallow is akin to the natural oils and sebum in our skin. Our glands actually recognized by the skin.

This is why we always use the word bioavailable!

That means the skin can work with tallow as a base and use it to hydrate, plump and heal itself.

 If you have not been able to find a body lotion that truly nourishes your skin and provides deep hydration, than you will be impressed with tallow's ability to feed your skin, penetrating deep into the lower layers and making you feel nourished.



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