Since I was little, I remember wondering around old fashioned department stores. I pressed my nose up against that glass longingly, wanting it all and thinking beauty was how well I covered myself up.



Make up and skincare in the 80’s was cult like, expensive, completely unsustainable and toxic to our bodies. They were selling chemicals and artificial enhancers and I was buying it. 



When I turned 16, I got my first ever full-size Clinique 3 step skin care set and a 2 days later I was covered from head to toe in an itchy rash that persisted for weeks on end.



To this day I am thankful for that rash, as it helped me to start to question things I was told in the media and magazines and listen to my body.






Skincare and makeup are in large unregulated. Unlike our organic foods and food labelling, there is not much to say for what brands can tell you about the chemical makeup of their products. Case in point with the latest research of Olaplex ingredients being linked to infertility. 



As I started to de-condition myself away from TV adverts and 80’s supermodels, I realised my skin would tell me what it needed and believe it or not, good quality filtered water was at the heart of it.

Since then I have leaned into the more natural ways of nourishing my skin and tried and tested it all. Nearly 25 years later I have arrived when I am today, where all I need is clean and all natural products to keep my skin supple, plump, hydrated and dewy. 






At Fierce say recipes not formulas and that’s exactly it. Natural and nourishing skincare should not be made in a lab but from the land.

Tallow is at the heart of it all, the most bioavailable emollient to moisturise and cleanse the skin. My selfie stick in Pearl shimmer has become a handbag must have for me and the unscented natural an essential for my children on the go. 

The nourish balm, soaps and the selfie sticks are all we use for our family skin and has been a godsend for my youngest who suffers from Eczema. 



If only I knew then what I know now, I would have saved myself thousands and despite the advertising, would look more glowing if I hadn't bought into the hype. But enough of looking back. 






The only way to have realised what I know now today is by listening and tuning in to the signals and subtle messages from the body, something we all can learn to do more of. 

Your body wants to be close to you and if you work in harmony there is nothing you both can’t achieve in bringing vital health to the fore. Using Fierce Nature you can trust that you are using only all natural and organic ingredients and honoured recipes for healthy and radiant skin. 




  • Fierce Nature

    Fierce Nature

    Hi Carole! Cupping would definitely still help. There are plenty of resources online to learn the technique, including our Instagram page @fiercenatureuk. We will soon be launching an app which will include tutorials on how to use facial cups.

  • Carole


    I am in my 60’s will cupping help at this age? If yes, how do I learn the technique?

    Thank you

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