What role does beef fat have in your skincare routine? You may be shocked at how transformative this natural ingredient can be through tallow. Tallow is packed with skin-nourishing vitamins, and it delivers a hydrating infusion of bioavailable, toxin-free ingredients.

At Fierce Nature, we don’t believe in fighting the aging process through skincare. After all, there is no product, however well-made, that can stop biology. What we celebrate is honouring our journeys throughout life, and choosing the best products to nourish our skin at every stage.

 With the global skincare industry now topping $136 billion USD, there have never been so many products vying for consumers’ attention. With all of them claiming to be the best, from organic to specially designed formulas, how do you know what to trust when it comes to your skin? 

The answer is simple: return to nature. When you go with the most basic, refined ingredients, you get the highest quality results. Tallow balm introduces a gentle pathway toward healing skin and embracing the beauty of organic skincare.


What Is Tallow Skincare?

 Tallow (Adeps Bovis) is rendered beef fat taken from grass-fed, organic cattle. We source ours from within the UK and work closely with our supplier to get only the most natural, highest quality product.

A lot of people often wonder how an ingredient like tallow for sk can possibly work toward healing skin. When there are so many highly formulated products from cosmetic labs to dermatologists, can such a straightforward ingredient really compete?


The answer is yes, and the reason is actually a lot simpler than you may think.


It all comes down to what really makes something “natural.” The term has become extremely overused in modern beauty and skincare, because everything at some point derives from a basic ingredient taken from the Earth. How that is manipulated and altered in a lab setting ultimately effects its impact on the skin.


But truly natural products don’t need disclaimers. They haven’t been extracted, isolated, diluted, or infused with anything in a laboratory. Instead, they’re made in their purest forms, bringing the most nourishing ingredients together to nurture your skin.


We focus on products that are bioavailable, meaning our skin naturally knows how to absorb and heal through them.


Tallow balm has been part of ancestral skincare for centuries, but it’s only recently begun to see new attention in the organic skincare market.


What Is In Tallow Balm?

Tallow contains high volumes of vitamins A, D, E, and K. Each one has a unique benefit for your skin, and together, the balm delivers a strong dose of nourishing hydration that naturally helps skin heal and look its best.


  • Vitamin A helps prevent breakouts, heal dry skin, boost the immune system, and promote natural healing at the skin’s own pace
  • Vitamin D aids skin protection and promotes lasting rejuvenation through cell repair and improved metabolism.
  • Vitamin E is a rich antioxidant that helps reduce puffiness and swelling. It also helps boost the natural skin oils to form a protective barrier.
  • Vitamin K contributes to collagen production, the structural protein that gives skin natural fullness, elasticity, and a healthy glow.


Fierce Nature’s tallow balm is gentle enough for skin conditions, like eczema, but strong enough to deliver noticeable results in people of all ages. You’ll find that this superfood-driven skincare melts naturally into the skin.


Your body’s largest organ was built to absorb all of the vitamins packed into tallow. It will instantly recognise and respond to the vitamin infusion, triggering its immune and healing response.

 Even without any underlying skin conditions, tallow skincare provides a more organic way to hydrate, repair, and reinvigorate your skin.



The Benefits of Using Tallow vs. Modern Skincare Products

While we can’t deny there are some wonderful products on the market, most are filled with so many highly processed ingredients that they pose more risk than benefit to your skin. 

Mixing and matching products from different skincare lines can also come with disastrous results. The truth is, even “natural” products that have been heavily altered can interact negatively with other ingredients. This means you run the risk of more clogged pores, poorer absorption, and even dry skin and irritation from the wrong items.  

Because tallow is similar to the natural oil produced by our skin, it can hydrate the entire body. It’s an organic body lotion that provides light, airy coverage and a smooth application every time.

Superfood skincare is more than just choosing products that aren’t processed or altered. It’s about optimising your regime to find ingredients your body was built to recognise and process easily.

Superfoods are known for their high nutrient density, so taking this approach to skincare can give you better results for fewer products — and less money. By homing in on what your body naturally responds best to, you can give your skincare a revamp that’s simpler, more effective, and, ultimately, better for you and the planet.


Discover the Fierce Nature Difference

All of our skincare products use tallow as a core ingredient. We use real recipes, not formulas, to handcraft our range of tallow balm, soaps, and contour sticks. Our products are meant to help you take care of your body while living in greater alignment with nature.

Explore our range of ancestral skincare , and feel free to reach out to us anytime if you’d like to learn more about our mission and process.

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